Tien’s Story – Cambodia

In one village of Snoul district, Kratie province, called Krosiang, there was a school which had only two wooden classrooms with leaking walls, serving more than a  hundred students.  For many years, the school had a poor infrastructure, lacked water and sanitation facilities and didn’t have the most basic classroom and learning materials.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 2.12.35 PMMs. Tien Socheat, 23, the only female teacher at Krosang School, shares the experiences and challenges she’s faced since 2013. “There were not enough classrooms for students, so I had to teach two different grades at the same time. Water leaked from the walls and roof onto student’s desks and chairs during the rainy season and during the dry season it was so hot. It was so hard for students to catch up and listen to my lessons”, she said. It was impossible for a teacher to give every student the full attention needed.”

Funding from three sources – FCD (Foundation for Cambodia Development, a Pangea partner),  Alliance Foundation (KAF) and French Association (Eduk’íds) – built the new school with concrete walls, tile roofs and more classrooms. The new school was inaugurated on March 8, 2016.  The number of students in the first grade has doubled from last year and the school is serving more than 226 students.

“There is no longer fear of water leaking from the walls and roof and the school’s heat is solved (with the concrete construction). Most importantly, students can sit and study in a comfortable environment and  can pay full attention   during my class.” ~ Ms. Socheat