Sawmill’s Story – Kenya

SamwellSAWMILL, comes from a small cooperative farm in a village near Luanda (NW corner of Kenya)  that is served by our partner organization, BIOGI (Bio Intensive Gardening Innovations). Sawmill is married and with his wife is supporting a young family. Because of BIOGI’s  comprehensive perma-culture community farm-training programs and demonstration gardens, he and his wife have increased the fertility and productivity of their farm. Before BIOGI’s program to restore depleted agricultural lands, Sawmill was struggling to  support his family locally and considered moving to a larger city many hours away to make ends meet, which would have meant long periods of time away without seeing his family. Read more

” BIOGI’s training program has made it possible for me to stay at home and provide for my family with my wife on the family farm, rather than move to a big city for work, leaving my family behind as so many men have to do in rural Kenya. I am grateful.” ~ Sawmill