Pangea Member, Lisa Norton Publishes “How To Be A Global Nonprofit”

How To Be A Global Nonprofit was born out of a desire to help passionate individuals and their nonprofit organizations find the best way to further their international causes. In recent years, there has been a groundswell of people wanting to get involved with global causes in a hands-on way.  Indeed, Nicholas Kristof wrote about this phenomenon in a 2010 NY Times Magazine article, “The D.I.Y. Foreign-Aid Revolution.”  I observed that there was a dearth of resources available to guide  individuals and organizations wanting to operate in the international arena.

How To Be A Global Nonprofit describes the spectrum of ways an individual or organization can  pursue an international causeFor some, this may be raising funds to support a U.S.-based organization that does work overseas.  For others, it may mean funding and collaborating with a foreign-based organization. For those who have a burning desire to pursue a passion, and the ability to devote the necessary resources, this can be starting and operating a new program in a foreign country, or even multiple countries. As an organization moves along the spectrum of international engagement, becoming more directly involved in international activities, the legal and practical issues become more complex, and more resources are required to address those issues. Each individual and organization will find the path that is right, if they know what it takes to succeed. In clear, plain language, How To Be A Global Nonprofit explains the special legal and practical challenges that nonprofits encounter when operating at different points along the spectrum of international engagement.

Three audacious founders

The book explores the successes and challenges of three audacious founders who, against all odds, forged ahead to create unique programs in foreign countries. One even created a global fundraising structure.  These are inspiring stories, but they are also cautionary. They show that it takes more than passion to be successful in creating and sustaining an international nonprofit.

Ten Case studies

How To Be A Global Nonprofit also includes ten case studies to illustrate how successful organizations, from the largest to the smallest, have decided to approach international engagement, and how they have dealt with the special legal and practical challenges that come into play.

How to Be a Global Nonprofit explores:

  • International grantmaking by public charities and private foundations
  • Operating a foreign program
  • Forming and operating through a foreign legal entity
  • Staffing foreign operations
  • Raising funds globally
  • Many U.S. and foreign legal and practical issues that nonprofit organizations commonly face when operating across borders

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How To Be A Global Nonprofit: Legal and Practical Guidance for International Activities