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Becoming a  Pangea member offers many opportunities to personally get involved in supporting global grassroots change! Not only do members have voting rights and make decisions about grant funding, they can also serve as liaisons to grant partners and participate in site visits, making the Pangea “member experience” quite unique.  They also form the basis for Pangea’s learning community by convening and participating in learning events. Members can serve on  Pangea’s Board of Directors or participate in ongoing committees or special task forces.

Members can participate as much as they like (or as little)  based on their time and interests:

  • Learning events increase members’ knowledge of what is happening in the regions where we fund and the impact of national policies. These events often include presentations by  outside speakers and always include thought-provoking discussions. Pangea also collaborates with like-minded organizations to sponsor  events on various topics. Members get first dibs on registration for these activities.

East Africa pod learning about issues with Dedo Baranshamaje who worked  in Burundi.

Culturally Competent Workshop sponsored by Pangea Giving and  Philanthropy Northwest

  • Participating in Geographic Pods gives members the opportunity to keep abreast of what is happening in partner communities and be directly involved in making grant decisions.
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    SE Asia Site Visit Team  in Cambodia

    Being a Partner Liaison: Liaisons are actively involved in pod activities and play a key role in the organization as they nurture and maintain relationships with Pangea’s grant partners. This gives liaisons the opportunity to have direct contact with partners on the ground even without traveling.

  • Participating in Site visits: Every year, a team of Pangea members visits some of our grant partners to monitor their progress, build personal connections, and learn more about their challenges. They also scout out potential new partners  and report back on what is happening in the field to the entire Pangea community. By participating in site visits members help others become more informed about our partner organizations, regional issues and opportunities.

Representatives from Site Visit Teams sharing their field  experiences with the Pangea community

  • Serving on Pangea’s  working board is an option available to all members. Usually there are about 2 positions that open up each year.
  • Participating in  committees or doing various tasks that can be as simple as helping set up for an event or taking photos. In other words, there is always something members can help with!

Socializing and networking with like-minded folks is also a big part of the Pangea member experience!

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