Pangea Giving Announces 2017 Grant Awards

Continuing its global support of rural, grassroots organizations, Pangea Giving awarded 2017 grants in March totaling $117,400. We are proud to partner with groups in Southeast Asia, Latin America and East Africa to help them address critical issues in their local communities, ranging from education access and economic opportunities, women’s health/sexuality training to sustainable agricultural methods for increased yields and improved nutrition. Close to 10,000 program participants are expected to benefit in areas around the globe. Individual grants range from $4,000 to $10,000.


  • A total of 18 Partners. 7 Project grants and 10 Operating grants.
  • New Partner: PA-O Youth Organization, Myanmar will conduct awareness trainings for farmers on environmental protection, land laws, mapping, human & gender rights. Participants will be informed and empowered to organize and advocate for their land.
  • East Africa Leadership Forum: A second retreat/workshop for Pangea’s grantees in East Africa to learn & connect with each other and leverage program successes. The first one that took place in June, 2016 was highly valued by program participants. This year special grant funds have been set aside for expenses toward another one in 2017.


An annual gathering of Pangea Members and Circle of Friends supporters took place on March 25, 2017 in downtown Seattle to commemorate and celebrate the beginning of a new grant cycle.

Pangea Giving’s unique grant-making model allows members to join together in grant making decisions through involvement in our regional pods. All of our grant money comes directly from the generous support of our members and Circle of Friends. For info on joining our Member Giving Circle or our Circle of Friends,  click here.

Our ongoing goal is to establish trusting, transparent and supportive relationships with our community partners. We often support our partners through five years of organizational growth and sometimes even longer. Developing long-term partnerships supports our core value of respect- and allows us to walk with our partners towards equality and social justice in the context of their own communities’ locally-identified needs.

For a description of each Pangea Giving grant partner use these links:

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