N.O.’s Story – Burundi

NOSaCoDé Pangea 2015 (dragged)My name is N. O; I am from Lycée Communal de Bubanza and I am in form 9 (middle school).  Before I started using the Agateka pads, provided by SaCoDe to manage my menstruation, I could not afford to buy the disposal sanitary pads (Kotex). The only thing I could get was a piece of an old Kitenge which is a piece of cloth and very often  I was feeling a sting in my private parts and I could not attend school which means that I missed several school days each month, and failed in exams. Since I started using the Agateka pads, I feel more confident I can play and attend school regularly. In the pack I got, a leaflet with important information on how to take care of the pads, and information on sexual and reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, relationships, and the importance of staying in school. Agateka towels are really good for us because it helps us to follow studies regularly.

To end, we noticed that there’s still a lack of knowledge about sexual and reproductive health. So there should be more workshops on capacity building of benefciaries in sexual and reproductive health.

We thank SaCoDé (project funded by Pangea Giving) for giving us the Agateka Sanitary pads. Today we can play with other children, even when we have our periods, and they won’t notice anything. We kindly ask SaCoDé to keep on distributing these pads so that all the girls could have them. ~ N.O