Ms Sa Nawn’s Story – Myanmar

Ms Sa Nawn, the 55 year old mother of a son and two daughters, lives with her family in a small
rural community in Myanmar. Previously, she had to go 22 miles from her village to a town to buy supplies. After she participated in a Pangea-supported project that gave her the needed skills and knowledge, she opened a small shop. Sa Nawn now provides herself and others in her village such essentials as cooking oil, candles, coffee, soap, shampoo and snacks. She can sell her soap and shampoo for less because they are made locally. Furthermore, the soap and shampoo are made without chemicals so she knows she is providing a healthier as well as cheaper product. Before the Pangea project and opening her shop, Sa Nawn did not have an income. Now her shop provides a regular income so that she can support her family. Not only has her family’s living standard improved, she isĀ  providing a needed service in her community.