Mission & Values

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 10.40.20 AM Pangea Giving supports grassroots organizations globally to improve the well-being of their communities through engaged giving.

Values supporting our mission:


We demonstrate our compassion through listening and walking with our grant partners toward equality and social justice.


Our Pangea community includes our relationships with our members and supporters and our connected-ness with our global partners.


As a learning organization, we are open to new ideas, dedicated to thoughtful exploration of global issues, and appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity.

Global Outcomes 

Pangea aspires to be a catalyst for peace, social and economic justice.  We address root causes of poverty and inequality.  We share our time and wealth toward forming trusting relationships and models for useful change around the planet.

The Pangea Giving model of grantmaking gives its members a unique opportunity to be involved directly in every aspect of the grantmaking process
, from targeting regions and establishing criteria, to the direct monitoring of needs and progress through personal site visits. We believe that our own continuous learning and reflection, as well as establishing trusting, transparent and supportive relationships with our community partners, is essential to meeting our goals.


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