Linet’s Story – Kenya

24447720884_388336c875_oLINET comes from a rural community outside Nakuru (in central Kenya) called Athinai Village where traditionally, girls education is not supported. The residents of her community were resettled by the government with only minimal resources following post-election violence in 2007.  She is the youngest of six children and has been raised by her father. Her father, even though he has a poor-paying job, has done all he can to support her education.

Thanks to the Girls for Leaders program offered by Dandelion Africa in 2014 and 2015,  a program wholly supported by Pangea Giving, Linet is one of 25 girls who received tutoring by academic professionals, mentoring from girls from a highly regarded high school, FGM prevention education and a regular supply of sanitary pads to make it possible for her to stay in school. When Linet was first involved in the Girls for Leaders program she was shy and lacked self-confidence. This all changed due to the leadership programs offered by Dandelion Africa.

After middle school, students must take a national test to qualify for both regional and national high schools.  Only 50% of students pass this test each year. Linet scored high enough to earn a full scholarship to Vanessa Grant School, a boarding high school in Rongai, Kenya. This is especially moving because Linet is the only child from Athinai Village to qualify for a national high school and the first in her family who will receive higher education

Thanks to Pangea and Dandelion Africa, I am so happy! I want to be a lawyer. Being in this school has given me that opportunity. I can see myself going to university and achieving my dreams of becoming a lawyer. ~ Linet