Grantmaking Pods & Committee

Advancing Pangea Giving’s mission of supporting our grantee-partners while also maintaining our volunteer-led organizational structure requires our members to contribute not only their financial resources but also their time and talents. As a side benefit, becoming involved in one of Pangea’s grantmaking groups (a.k.a. Pods) or committees provides a great opportunity for members to get to know and learn from one another.

Regional Grantmaking “Pods”

Each of our three regional Pods invites grant proposals, reviews applications, and learns about the issues in their regions, building consensus for our grant awards each year.

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Red dots denote locations of our 2017 grant partner organizations

Latin America Pod
Oaxaca, Guatemala
Patti Kilpatrick, Chair

Southeast Asia Pod
Cambodia, Myanmar
Walt Adam, Chair

East Africa Pod
Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi
Janet Pearson, Chair

Grants Committee

Develops grant making guidelines, procedures, and timelines and coordinates the work of the pods so grants are handled in a consistent manner. Each pod has a representative on this committee. Janet Pearson, Chair