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AC ESPERANZA (Asoc. Comunidad La Esperanza)  Guatemala

AC Esperanza, a new Pangea partner in 2016, arose from the need in the community for children, youth and adults to have access to formal and alternative education. Located in Chimaltenango, Guatemala, a poor urban area adjacent to the Pan American Highway, youth growing up here are at risk of becoming involved in gang and drug culture and potential trafficking victims. The majority of youth from this community stop school after the primary grades. The lack of access to secondary education led dynamic leader Hilda Vásquez to found a formal and alternative secondary school to serve low-income youth and guidance to their parents and families. Hilda’s goal is to contribute to the educational development of this community by providing a school that not only promotes formal education and gender equity, but also art, drama, cultural activities and social development. An important part of her school curriculum offers alternatives to violence as well as leadership training, giving priority to kids who have the fewest resources. Monthly workshops for parents are held in collaboration with local organizations regarding crime prevention, gang avoidance and preventing conflicts. All this takes place in a very small, primitive structure that Hilda has transformed into a lively and exciting school. Pangea’s project grant funds are for teacher salaries, with the goal of providing enough funds to retain them for the entire school year.

Pangea funding in this second year of partnership with AC Esperanza will support their expansion in holding monthly empowerment workshops for students, parents and community leaders with teachers who specialize in crime/violence prevention, the handling of conflict and gang avoidance.

2017 Grant Award – $6,500Read more about AC Esperanza

ASOGEN (Association Generando) – Guatemala

20160318_101210[1]ASOGEN  provides comprehensive services to women survivors of domestic violence in the Department of Chimaltenango.  ASOGEN uses professionals to promote empowerment and education in human rights in a series of workshops, and provides advocacy by means of negotiation and lobbying with decision-makers to implement and enforce laws against femicide. In the past three years, Pangea has supported holistic service to women survivors of violence:

  • training and empowerment workshops for women leaders and survivors of violence, including education in reproductive rights;
  • advocacy, negotiation and lobbying with decision makers of central government and officials of institutions such as the Interior Ministry, CONAPREVI (National Coordinating Office for Domestic Violence Prevention), Mayor’s Office, and congresspersons from their district;
  • Education in community of both genders of the right to live free of violence with access to all opportunities in education and work.

In this 5th partnership year, Pangea is continuing to support 11 workshops on human rights for women survivors of violence and 22 workshops for adolescent survivors of sexual violence. Lobbying will continue for construction of a temporary emergency shelter with operingationg funds from the federal government.

2017 Grant Award: $7,000 Read more at (a translation button is provided from Spanish to English.


FNE Large Format Bull and Woman copyA Pangea partner since 2011, FNE is located in an indigenous populated area in the Department of Baja Verapaz. This area was devastated by armed conflict and violence in the early 2000’s. In addition to involving youth in community/ economic projects, FNE offers bilingual education in traditional Maya Achi culture and beliefs by creating masks, costumes and dances to explain the concept of Mayan Cosmovision. Since 2011, Pangea grants have supported the bi-lingual education program and helped to establish the New Hope Cultural Center for local art traditions of Maya Achi people.

In 2016 Pangea awarded a General Operating Grant for FNE’s educational program in Rabinal, a bi-lingual and boarding facility; the promotion of agro-ecological production to improve productivity and contribute to food sovereignty of agro-ecological production processes and overall capacity building. This year’s grant continues the support for the foregoing development.

2017 Grant Award – $7,000 Read more about FNE.



Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 2.47.03 PMA Pangea partner since 2011, WJI works to empower indigenous women through rights education and leadership development. WJI now has four main programs: Women’s Rights Education Program; Community Advocates Program; Legal serves; Adolescent Girls Program (new in 2015).

In addition to these core programs, WJI seeks to:

  • Increase support services for women violence survivors through expanded referral networks and a local therapist.
  • Participate in the larger women’s right movement in Guatemala.
  • Collaborate with key Government institutions.Create community based protection mechanisms for women and girls.
  • Work closely with community leaders to develop community action plans.
  • Create a strategic plan to replicate WJI work in other Guatemalan communities.

This year’s General Operating Grant continues to support the work of WJI.

2017 GRANT AWARD: $7,000  Read more about WJI

FLOR Y CANTO – Oaxaca, Mexico

Flor y Canto is an indigenous-led organization that provides legal consultation, advocacy and training to low-income rural agriculture families (campesinos) in 15 communities in the Oaxaca Central Valley in defense of their right to water. The Flor y Canto staff empowers community leaders and trains them to build coalitions and exercise their rights around Convention 169, the international law of free, prior, and informed consent. This law stipulates that indigenous communities have the right to participate in decisions that affect them.

Flor y Canto also constructs water catchment and rain harvesting systems to combat the effects of climate change. Now in its fifth year of support from Pangea, Flor y Canto has received a general operating grant to support their continuing efforts to advocate for and protect their right to water resources:

  • Continue coordination with municipal and agrarian authorities to promote the care and defense of water.
  • Continue  to educate community organizers who support and promote the “Prior Consultation” (FPIC) law.
  • Per successful court ruling in 2014, prepare a proposal for indigenous use and administration of ancestral water rights for signed agreement.
  • Following violations of court-ordered actions by CONAGUA, file complaint against this government water management agency for failure to follow FPIC protocol to work with indigenous communities to modify the Ban Decree of 1967.

2017 Grant Award – $8,000

GESMujer – Oaxaca, Mexico

Feria 2A Pangea partner since 2015, GESMujer’s mission is to create a more egalitarian society that respects the rights of women in Oaxaca state. The organizations’ actions include educational, leadership and certification programs for women. Through its Casa de la Mujer in Oaxaca City, GESMujer provides psychological counseling for women, legal advice, weekly group sessions to discuss the women’s issues, a library, workshops and printed material for both women and men on egalitarian norms in society.

Now in it’s third year of partnership, Pangea continues to support the GESMujer “Joven” project, led by young women who are GESMujer scholarship graduates. These graduates volunteer to educate other young women and men, as well as their parents, about women’s rights in up to 5 indigenous communities in Oaxaca. Subjects include gender equity in education and employment; legal rights; sexual and reproductive health and rights; and violence prevention. By developing a more just and equal society in the region, the outreach goals aim to enable other young indigenous women to achieve their full potential. The group organizes workshops and community educational fairs in remote towns that aim to prevent adolescent pregnancy and violence in courtship; works with municipal authorities for educational material distribution support, and offers a year-end Joven “Encuentro” conference to all young women who choose to participate and carry on the work.
2017 Grant Award – $7,400.Read more about GESMujer

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