Guidelines for Grantee Organizations – “Partners”

  • Partner works with rural communities to develop programs in response to needs identified by the community. The resulting programs must be community-based and community-led, including participation from the community in money, labor, UCBUMor in- kind materials.
  • Partner is registered as a non-profit organization in the country where they provide services, and have a governing board based in that country.
  • Partner has been in existence at least two years, with demonstrable success in managing community projects.
  • Partner operating budget is generally below $100,000 U.S. annually.
  • Partner will have email access.
  • Partner includes women in leadership and decision making roles and as staff in the program or project.
  • Financial systems must be in place before money is dispersed (an established bank account; designated treasurer or accounting staff who tracks expenses; and financial oversight by a council or board.)
  • Partner provides services to people regardless of their religious beliefs and does not propagate a belief in a specific faith.