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FullSizeRender(16)This is Pangea’s 4th year of funding FCD, an organization that provides advocacy and training to identify and assess resources, infrastructure, and needs in remote areas of Cambodia. Since 2011, FCD has worked with communities to construct a water pond, repair a damaged road and build a community hall in a Pagoda. FCD is responding to farmers’ requests in Kandek, Pol villages and nearby communities to address irrigation needs for dry season farming.

2014:  Pangea supported the construction of a 1000-meter-long irrigation canal to connect a large existing reservoir to fields below, allowing farmers in several villages to add a second crop planting and harvest during the dry season.

2015: Pangea funded the construction of a 3-room schoolhouse next to an existing schoolhouse in a remote rural village with 317 families of which 40 are ethnic minorities. School children were to have one classroom for grades 5 & 6, a library, and a bathroom.

2016: Pangea funded work in 3 provinces to empower village representatives by training them to identify and prioritize needs, to develop solutions and projects to address those needs, and to secure funding. To this end, a curriculum was developed, ten local people were trained, and 500 stakeholders in the 3 provinces participated in the community development process.

2017: The Pangea grant will support the expansion of the last year’s Community Human resources Development Project (CHRDP)  with the training of 10 more people during 24 sessions in 10 villages in 3 Provinces.

Grant Award 2017: $5,400 


WPM, WomenCAMBODIA_ WomensPeacemakers Peacemakers,  was founded in 2000 by a group of university students to address conflict issues in Cambodia. It has narrowed its focus to address issues related to the protection of  women’s rights and gender- based violence. In 2014, Pangea funds were used to continue the expansion of their work by conducting three training workshops for women and girls. In 2015, Pangea funded training workshops for women and girls in 8 new villages with follow-up in 8 existing villages that address Women’s Rights protection and conflict management.

2016: Pangea supported the training of community leaders and development of networks to address domestic violence; training university students to become agents of change for peace building and protection of women’s rights, and training of women in active nonviolence strategies in their own organizing and mobilizing work.

2017: In this 4th year of partnership with WPM, Pangea’s funding will support the ongoing work of raising awareness of gender-based violence, the promotion of gender equality and reduction of violence against women and children.

Grant Award 2017: $10,000(See WPM website)


CWEG (Chin Women’s Empowerment Group), Chin State

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 2.39.00 PMCWEG, Chin Women’s Empowerment Group, was formed in 2010. It is led by alumni of the EarthRights International School in Thailand. Chin State is the least developed state in Myanmar with women the most vulnerable group in Chin society: CWEG works to change their subordinate role.

2014:  Pangea funds were used to conduct gender awareness training for both men and women. A vocational training program taught Chin women tailoring skills, allowing them to earn an income and improve their status in the family and community.

2015: Pangea funds supported two projects: 1). the creation of a curriculum to conduct gender awareness training for 30 men and women, and 2). the conducting of a 6-month vocational training course in tailoring for 5 more women who, upon completion, opened their own small shops.

2016: Pangea funding continued to support training in gender awareness. In addition,  vocational training for women expanded into two areas: making organic fertilizer and making soap and shampoo.

2017: In this 4th year of partnership with CWEG, Pangea funding will continue to support the group’s work in gender awareness training and ongoing development of employment opportunities for women. CWEG will start a Women’s Development ResourceCenter in Hakha.

Grant Award 2017: $9,860

MEIKSWE – Northern Shan State

495826542Meikswe was founded in 2004 to provide training and support to local organizations in health, education, and community development projects. It is located in Lashio in Northern Shan State, about a 3-hour drive from the China border.

Health programs include the health issues of women and children living with HIV/AIDS, reproductive health education and promotion of community hygiene. Meikswe’s educational focus includes early childhood care and developmental awareness training for parents. Increasingly, Meikswe is focusing on capacity building; strengthening the organizational and technical capacity of local organizations.

2013/14: Pangea funds helped Meikswe to build capacity with projects in two Lashio villages, Lihu and Lau: increased agricultural production with the purchase of  4 water buffalo; increased education access  through boarding school fees for 5  middle and high school students; provided reproductive health training  to villagers; provided mentoring and support for savings groups.

2015: Pangea funds were used to teach TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and provide support to 24 Basic English teachers in targeted schools.

2016: Pangea supported family planning and birth spacing in 3 villages; conducted herbicide awareness and bamboo planting training in 5 communities; provided carpenter training to rebuild in 6 communities after the destruction caused by flooding.

2017: Pangea’s funding will support women’s empowerment through leadership training and support for Meikswe staff, community facilitators, and village women. The grant will also continue support for family planning training and support.

Grant Award 2017: $5,000 

YIHR (Youth Initiative for Human Rights) previously MYO (Mon Youth Organization) Mon State

YIHR Dang Yat Community training center 2016 (2)(4) YIHR, Youth Initiative Human Rights, is a volunteer group of youths and young adults who have been initiating community development activities since 2001 in Mon State in southern Burma, south of Yangon. Their mission is to preserve traditional culture and to provide information regarding human rights and civic education. Activities have been funded by volunteer and community donations. In addition, in 2011, a member who graduated from the Earth Rights International (ERI) School in Chiang Mai received a small grant from ERI to do women’s empowerment training. Beyond this, MYO does not have ongoing funding.

2013/14: YIHR collaborated with local Mon monks and the Mon Literature and Cultural Committee to conduct a series of trainer workshops to facilitate Human Rights Awareness Raising to address the low awareness among communities of the political changes in Myanmar and how they may impact their communities. Pangea funded training in 18 villages.

2015:  Pangea funding supported a project to advocate for, and increase government support for, 6 townships to open a Youth Center. Pangea also funded a one-month training course for 25 youth on civic education, leadership, human rights, computer literacy and community organizing skills for their subsequent work on community development projects.

2016: Pangea funded empowerment training for women in 5 communities to increase their leadership and decision-making role. Funding included trainer instruction and follow-up to the training sessions.

2017: Pangea funding will support Child Rights Workshops for 100 children (ages 13-17) in 15 villages on how to protect themselves from abuse.

Grant Award 2017: $4,240 

Pa-O Youth Organization (PYO) – Shan State

A new grant partner for Pangea Giving in 2017, this community-based organization focuses on human rights and environmental rights. With their Pangea grant, they will conduct awareness trainings for farmers on environmental protection, land laws, mapping, and human/gender rights.

Grant Award 2017: $4,000

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