Since 2003, Pangea has partnered with over 42 community-based organizations in Latin America, East Africa and Southeast Asia. Through our grant program, we support grassroots efforts rooted in and defined by local communities that address a range of social, economic, and environmental issues.

Because we believe that lasting social change does not happen during a typical one-year grant cycle, we aim to partner with grantees over a number of years by providing financial assistance and building supportive relationships.

Each year Pangea members consider applications for two different types of grants: project and general operating support grants.

Grant proposals are by invitation only at this time. Grant awards are between $1,000 – $10,000. First year grants are limited to a maximum award of $5,000


Africa: Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi
Asia: Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma)
Latin America: Mexico, Guatemala

Descriptions of our current grants can be found by clicking these links:
Africa Grantees   Asia Grantees   Latin America Grantees


January – December Pangea members research and learn about the regions and organizations where we fund and explore possibilities for future grantmaking. Member liaisons also maintain ongoing communication with current grant partners and receive updates, mid-term and annual progress reports.

September Pangea reviews current grantee progress reports and new potential grantees.

October Pangea members in regional grantmaking pods choose several organizations to invite to submit grant proposals. Application packets are sent to chosen organizations.

November Deadline for grant applications.

December/January Pangea members in regional grantmaking pods review grant proposals and may ask for additional information from applicants. Final decisions made in January.

February Grant agreements sent to chosen organizations.

March Grants are disbursed. Periodically, small site visit teams comprised of Pangea members travel to our focus regions. Site visits are conducted with the following goals in mind: partnering, learning, connecting, identifying potential new grant partners, storytelling, and due diligence.


  • We support our partner’s projects based on the needs and goals they define.
  • We seek out small community based organizations that have not had access to large amounts of international donor funding.
  • We foster long term relationships with our partners based on trust, openness, and a desire to learn.
  • We believe that strong local leadership, community support and participation are keys to success.
  • We encourage gender balanced leadership and participation.
  • Our proposal process is based on dialogue to increase understanding and clarity.
  • We support efforts to achieve long-term sustainability for our partners, for beneficiaries, and for specific projects, as they are realistic and appropriate.
  • We monitor our partner’s projects to ensure that funds are used for their intended purposes through mid-year and annual reports, liaison relationships, and direct visits when possible.
  • We are a learning organization. In the context of partnership, this means we are willing to learn from missteps as well as successes and keep moving forward.

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