Grant Partners Provide Input

2014 Grantee Survey

How are we doing? As part of a review of Pangea’s grantmaking process we asked our partners to provide feedback. Using Survey Monkey, all current partners responded to 9 questions and provided comments and suggestions. The survey was anonymous to encourage open and honest responses. The partners’ feedback was very positive and their comments thoughtful.The Grants Committee has reviewed the survey results and is working to incorporate our Partners’ suggestions for improvements.

How can we improve our grant application? We learned that compared to other funders, our application is much shorter or about the same. When asked for suggestions for improving the application form, 11 out of 14 partners stated that the form is fine. “The form is good, short and clear” and “The application is fine” were typical comments made by partners. Suggestions for improving the form included: making it shorter, revising the budget form and adding space to allow for more description of what the organization does.

Do we give applicants enough time to complete the application? (We allow about 6 weeks.) Everyone agreed that the time allowed was adequate and that they did not need more time to complete and submit the application.

What about the length of time it takes from beginning the application to receiving funding? (Currently it takes approximately 5 months.) This is one area where partners provided suggestions for improvement. While the majority (56%) agreed that the length of time was fine, we received a number of comments suggesting it would be helpful to shorten the time. One partner’s comment is reflective of the suggestions made, “We need to know soon that we will get the funds or not, so we can decide in our team to start the project or not.”

Do partners have a contact person at Pangea that they can communicate with when they have questions or concerns? 100% said yes. When asked what suggestions they have for improving communication, comments such as “We think that the communication has been good”, and “You communicate and share information to us well” were typical.

“Listening to our grantees is essential for a true partnership and for Pangea to continually improve its grant process,” stated Walt Adam who coordinated the survey process. We are encouraged by the unanimous and positive responses that we received from our partners and will continue to engage our grantees in this way.