Esperanza’s Story – Oaxaca, Mexico

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 2.08.36 PMEsperanza, is a 49-year-old single mother of 4 adult children who has been involved with the Pangea Giving partner, Flor y Canto, since 2012. She is an example of a leader who has emerged through the persistent organizing efforts of Flor y Canto. In August of 2014 she became the President of COPUDA, a group that represents camposinos in 15 different villages in defense of water rights in the region. Esperanza has dedicated herself to understanding and educating others in her community about their rights according to the prior consent law. She has become a powerful spokesperson, has the ear of both men and women and is making inroads with local authorities to protect their territorial rights. Pictured left: Experanza carries two posters promoting an International Law, Convention 169, stipulating that indigenous people must be consulted on issues that affect them.