Stories of Change

Change can be hard to measure when assessing the impact of global grassroots initiatives in rural communities. Committing to our partner organizations over the course of several years is key to the success of our grantmaking program and makes what Pangea Giving offers unique in global philanthropy. Our partners report mid-year and year-end progress towards their goals, as well as challenges and successes along the way. Individual stories from community members supported by our partner organizations provide us with inspiring stories and solid evidence that change is taking hold. Below is a sampling of stories.

Daw Aye Li’s Story – Myanmar

My name is Daw Aye Li. I am 32 years old and live with my husband and two children in Na Mat village in Myanmar. We live with my parents. Our village is located in the western part of Lashio District and is a long walking distance, 18 miles, from the nearest town. A STORY OF MY VILLAGE: Before this year, everyone was limited to planting a single annual crop, corn, during the rainy season and vegetables at home. We didn’t have an irrigation system so were dependent on the rain. Often there wasn’t enough rain water to grow vegetables...Read More

Claudia Aju’s story – Guatemala

Claudia Aju participated in a Women's Justice Initiative (WJI) sponsored Women’s Rights Education Program. Claudia isn't pictured here for security reasons. This is her story: WJI taught me about violence and the law that protects against it. I didn’t know what violence was until WJI talked to us about it in the training workshops. When it was explained what violence against women was and the different forms in which violence is committed, I finally realized that it was what I suffered from in my marriage. My husband treated like an animal and because I was so afraid of him, I endured everything...Read More

Martinus’ Story – Tanzania

Martinus, who is 14 years old now, lost both parents at only two years of age. She was adopted by her paternal uncle. It is unknown why and how she became hard of hearing. Prior to her uncle finding our grant partner Tanzania Deaf Child (TADEC) in 2014, she was attending a school for children with normal hearing where she was not doing well academically or socially. At TADEC, she got the help she needed; her hearing was assessed, she was fitted with a hearing aid in one ear. Martinus is very happy now and her school performance has dramatically...Read More

Linet’s Story – Kenya

LINET comes from a rural community outside Nakuru (in central Kenya) called Athinai Village where traditionally, girls education is not supported. The residents of her community were resettled by the government with only minimal resources following post-election violence in 2007.  She is the youngest of six children and has been raised by her father. Her father, even though he has a poor-paying job, has done all he can to support her education. Thanks to the Girls for Leaders program offered by Dandelion Africa in 2014 and 2015,  a program wholly supported by Pangea Giving, Linet is one of 25 girls...Read More

Sawmill’s Story – Kenya

SAWMILL, comes from a small cooperative farm in a village near Luanda (NW corner of Kenya)  that is served by our partner organization, BIOGI (Bio Intensive Gardening Innovations). Sawmill is married and with his wife is supporting a young family. Because of BIOGI’s  comprehensive perma-culture community farm-training programs and demonstration gardens, he and his wife have increased the fertility and productivity of their farm. Before BIOGI’s program to restore depleted agricultural lands, Sawmill was struggling to  support his family locally and considered moving to a larger city many hours away to make ends meet, which would have meant long periods...Read More

Margaret’s Story – Kenya

MARGARET  is a guardian of six young children in a small rural village outside of Meru, Kenya who has struggled for years to provide food and basics. When she received a water tank, made possible by a Pangea Giving grant to CIFORD Kenya, things started improve. Margaret is using rainwater collected in the tank to irrigate her gardens more efficiently. This, in turn, has resulted in much larger food yields for her and the children. She is also selling surplus vegetables from her garden to neighbors which helps her meet other basic needs for the children. CIFORD Kenya works for...Read More

N.O.’s Story – Burundi

My name is N. O; I am from Lycée Communal de Bubanza and I am in form 9 (middle school).  Before I started using the Agateka pads, provided by SaCoDe to manage my menstruation, I could not afford to buy the disposal sanitary pads (Kotex). The only thing I could get was a piece of an old Kitenge which is a piece of cloth and very often  I was feeling a sting in my private parts and I could not attend school which means that I missed several school days each month, and failed in exams. Since I started using...Read More

Ms Sa Nawn’s Story – Myanmar

Ms Sa Nawn, the 55 year old mother of a son and two daughters, lives with her family in a small rural community in Myanmar. Previously, she had to go 22 miles from her village to a town to buy supplies. After she participated in a Pangea-supported project that gave her the needed skills and knowledge, she opened a small shop. Sa Nawn now provides herself and others in her village such essentials as cooking oil, candles, coffee, soap, shampoo and snacks. She can sell her soap and shampoo for less because they are made locally. Furthermore, the soap and...Read More

U Hae & Nar Law Stories – Myanmar

Since 2004, Meikswe Myanmar, located in Lasio in Northern Shan State, has provided comprehensive services to promote health, early childhood education and community development. The following stories profile two of the beneficiaries of Pangea Giving's  support to this NGO. U Hae Sar's family has lived in San Laung (Lisu) village for 14 years. A farmer, he earns his livelihood from growing rice and soybeans. The seed is grown during the rainy season but previously they didn't have a buffalo for ploughing and hauling soil amendments; the work had to be done either manually or by hiring a buffalo, thus adding...Read More

Tien’s Story – Cambodia

In one village of Snoul district, Kratie province, called Krosiang, there was a school which had only two wooden classrooms with leaking walls, serving more than a  hundred students.  For many years, the school had a poor infrastructure, lacked water and sanitation facilities and didn’t have the most basic classroom and learning materials. Ms. Tien Socheat, 23, the only female teacher at Krosang School, shares the experiences and challenges she’s faced since 2013. “There were not enough classrooms for students, so I had to teach two different grades at the same time. Water leaked from the walls and roof onto...Read More