Continuing its global support of rural, grassroots organizations, Pangea Giving awarded 2017 grants in March totaling $117,400. We are proud to partner with groups in Southeast Asia, Latin America and East Africa to help them address critical issues in their local communities, ranging from education access and economic opportunities, women’s health/sexuality training to sustainable agricultural methods for increased yields and improved nutrition. Close to 10,000 program participants are expected to benefit in areas around the globe. Individual grants range from $4,000 to $10,000. Highlights: A total of 18 Partners. 7 Project grants and 10 Operating grants. New Partner: PA-O Youth Organization,...[ Read More ]
In November of 2016, a  group of five Pangea Giving members traveled for 14 days in Myanmar (formerly, Burma) to meet existing Pangea grant partners and prospective new grant partners. The following is a brief summary of the trip written by Paul Silver, a Pangea member who was part of the site visit team. Click here to view Myanmar site visit photos   Currently, many international charitable organizations are funding aid and development projects in Myanmar. Reportedly, there are more international charitable organizations active in Myanmar than in any other country in the world. Accordingly, Pangea’s Asia Pod  focuses its efforts...[ Read More ]
As a new member, I assumed I would hang back and observe on my first site visit with Pangea Giving. However, it was clear from the planning meeting that I would not spend this trip on the sidelines. As we discussed group roles, visit schedules and meeting goals, I was immediately included and treated as equal to the longtime Pangea members who had been visiting Oaxaca State in Mexico for many years. Not knowing what I was signing up for, I volunteered as “scribe”, got myself a fresh notebook, and packed my bags.  ~Anne Sivley Click here to view Oaxaca site...[ Read More ]
On Saturday, November 19, Wendo Aszed of Dandelion Africa and Francoise Nibizi of SaCoDe two of our East Africa grant partners, joined 60+ Pangea members and guests at the Wellspring Family Services building in Seattle for brunch and a program. They discussed at length what is making their programs successful in rural Kenya and Burundi, made possible with relatively small Pangea Giving grants, and how they are now helping thousands of women and girls.  These two outstanding women exemplify the best in non-profit leaders and are a prime example of how small grants in the hands of excellent partners can be leveraged...[ Read More ]
Educating and empowering women and girls is one of the most effective approaches to global development. But what programs work and why? How can successes be replicated on a larger scale for more impact? Two highly effective East African Pangea grant partners will join us on November 19 to share their fresh insights and inspirations for supporting women and girls to develop their full potential in Kenya and Burundi. Come hear what these dynamic leaders have learned about creating successful programs  and the tremendous impact their work is having in the communities they serve and beyond. Event Venue: Wellspring Family...[ Read More ]
Do you share Pangea's conviction that lasting change happens from the ground up? Do you believe that successful community development relies on strong local leadership engaging the voices and energy of those most in need? Do you have a desire to directly support and learn from people who aspire to escape poverty and oppressive social and cultural barriers, especially women and children, in emerging community organizations in Africa, Latin America or SE Asia? If your  answer is YES to at least one of the above questions, we think you should strongly  consider joining  Pangea Giving as a Member or Friend between...[ Read More ]
 Departure dates are fast approaching for both the Asia Pod and the Latin America Pods 2016 site visit teams.  The Latin America site visit team is planning their week-long Oaxaca visit, (in southern Mexico) departing October 16. The six person group includes Betsy Hale, Patti Kilpatrick, Susan Sola, (all three fluent Spanish speakers), Teri Akin, Janet Pearson and her daughter Anne Sivley. They will be visiting partners Flor y Canto, and GESMujer. Patti, who is the GESMujer liaison, says she is particularly excited that the Pangea visit will coincide with the first graduating class of young women who have gone through GESMujer's Joven ("Youth")...[ Read More ]
The Fight against Climate Change and Land Rights in Latin America Please join Pangea Giving, Global Fund For Women, and Channel Foundation to hear Bettina Cruz, from Mesoamerican Women Human Rights Defenders Initiative discuss the fight against climate change and land rights in Mexico. When: Tuesday, October 4, 6-8pm Where: Pangea Member Gary Tabasinske's home (in Seattle's Belltown District) This timely conversation will discuss the central role women's organizations throughout Latin America play in the struggle for justice and basic human rights.  Indigenous activists courageously fight for their rights to preserve the environment while protecting their livelihood and entitlements. As the...[ Read More ]
Raphael Okumu, Executive Director of Tears Kenya, a long-time strategic Pangea East Africa partner prepared this inspiring summary of the East African Leadership Forum that took place in Kenya in June 2016. The 3-day retreat was sponsored by Pangea Giving with support from Segal Family Foundation. Pangea Giving believes in a long term partnership with grass roots development partners as foundation for lasting and sustainable community transformation. With over 8 years partnership relationship, Pangea is supporting eight grass-root organizations working in East Africa on women's empowerment, education and health; agricultural and food security, environmental conservation and youth development. Amazingly, the leaders have similar...[ Read More ]
This April 3-5, Pangea was happy to host Dedo Baranshamaje of the Segal Family Foundation. The SFF is a private foundation, funded by American Barry Segal to work in Sub Saharan Africa since 2004. Pangea first learned of the SFF after Africa pod member Darrell Johnson’s 2013 volunteer experience in Burundi, and Pangea is currently funding two organizations in Burundi on their recommendation: SaCoDe and UCBUM. Burundi has been a troubled region in particular since their presidential elections last summer, causing operational and communication issues with our partners in that country. Dedo’s visit gave us insights into funding in fragile...[ Read More ]