As a new member, I assumed I would hang back and observe on my first site visit with Pangea Giving. However, it was clear from the planning meeting that I would not spend this trip on the sidelines. As we discussed group roles, visit schedules and meeting goals, I was immediately included and treated as equal to the longtime Pangea members who had been visiting Oaxaca State in Mexico for many years. Not knowing what I was signing up for, I volunteered as “scribe”, got myself a fresh notebook, and packed my bags.  ~Anne Sivley Click here to view Oaxaca site...[ Read More ]
Three Pangea members visited our grant partners in Guatemala in November 2015. Following is an account written by Audrey Shiffman, who went on the trip. After an amazing eight days I returned home from Guatemala—exhausted both physically and emotionally—and began to wonder how to convey the depth and richness of our experience and the lasting power it holds for me. The trip was extraordinary. There were memories I will cherish and never forget. And, as I’ve written before: You can’t return from a Pangea site visit without personal change. One theme that pervaded our trip was a connection and affinity...[ Read More ]
Pangea's Latin America pod recently returned from site visits to Oaxaca State in Mexico. Following  is some context for, and a narrative of, the experience through the eyes of one of our members. "There is no substitute for a site visit. The dramatic difference between talking, reading, or hearing about Pangea’s grantees versus the experience of meeting and getting to know them is immense. The ability to distance myself is no longer an option. To learn of and witness the exploitation and suffering of the people we met touched me at a visceral level and left a permanent imprint. I...[ Read More ]