In November of 2016, a  group of five Pangea Giving members traveled for 14 days in Myanmar (formerly, Burma) to meet existing Pangea grant partners and prospective new grant partners. The following is a brief summary of the trip written by Paul Silver, a Pangea member who was part of the site visit team. Click here to view Myanmar site visit photos   Currently, many international charitable organizations are funding aid and development projects in Myanmar. Reportedly, there are more international charitable organizations active in Myanmar than in any other country in the world. Accordingly, Pangea’s Asia Pod  focuses its efforts...[ Read More ]
Our site visit team moved on to Burma last week and are safe and sound exploring potential new projects throughout the country. Following are their updates from their first six days of a 10 day journey. This blog will be updated throughout the rest of the week when they have internet access. 1/23/13 ADVENTURES IN BURMA (MYANMAR) 1/15 The Asia Pod Travel Group arrives safely in Rangon. The Panda Hotel greeted us with warm smiles in a very 1950's setting. Not fancy but clean and comfortable. Before going to dinner we spent a couple of hours at the Shwedagon Pagoda...[ Read More ]
 Our 2013 Asia site visits are in full swing, starting off Pangea's new year with a much anticipated trip to three countries. Part of the group started in Cambodia on 1/6 and the entire site visit met up last Thursday, 1/10  in Thailand. Today, the entire team is off to Burma (Myanmar), for a 10 day adventure of visiting and evaluating potential new grant partners. Following is their journal straight from the field, covering their visits to current Pangea partners in Cambodia and Thailand. The Burma piece will follow upon completion of those visits. So stay tuned and please join...[ Read More ]