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An all-member meeting and celebration takes place each spring

You are welcome to join Pangea’s giving circle at any time in the year and can attend an education event and/or a pod meeting prior to making a decision. An annual all-member meeting is held every spring where you can learn about all of our grants as we start a new cycle. We also offer information sessions about 3-4 times a year which are posted on our home page when scheduled. If you are thinking about becoming a Pangea member, we encourage to join us at an event soon so you can get to know us and determine if we are a good fit for your interests.

We can also arrange for you to meet with a board member either in person or by phone to answer any questions you may have. Once you decide to move ahead, all you need to do is fill out a short membership form and send in your annual contribution at a minimum level of $1500 (for individual) or $2500 (for a couple). You can fill out this form online below or you may download it here.

Once a member, you can have a seasoned Pangea Giving mentor help you get engaged with our work as your time and interests allow.

Not ready to become a member yet but would like to be part of our community of supporters?  Our Circle of Friends level at $200 or more per year supports our mission of providing support to community development organizations without the full commitment of membership and allows you to attend Pangea’s invitation only events throughout the year. You can send in your contribution here.

Thank you for your interest! We hope to see you at a Pangea gathering soon. You can also use the form below to contact us to be informed of upcoming meetings and events.

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